Sunday, June 23, 2002

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The God's Companion series of animated movies is produced by an Open Source Movie Production system which you can join to be in the movies.

We are an on-line virtual studio as featured in the August 2006 edition of 3DWorld magazine.

If you want to sign-up to the process please do so at the website. There is an open call for actors (male and female), animators, singer-songwriters, sound effects creators, software model makers, texture artists (those who create the skins that go over models giving them surface art) and writers or budding directors.

In this way you can create your own showreel as part of a bigger project, or have the satisfaction of seeing your contribution in films and episodes that are available for download or may be shown on TV in various parts of the world.

If you want to contact the studio to discuss a business proposal, to do an interview or to request distribution rights please email:

VenturaCGi at the domain name

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