Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Movie Projects in development, production and release

Unlike conventional movie production which has goes from development to production then post-production and release of a finished movie, our open source movie production process begins in alpha (development) moves on to Beta (testing) and then release 1.0 (a movie that is more or less complete, but subject to probable improvement, or as we call it, upgrade.)

Projects we have in development or which have been completed (oops, I mean in Beta and release 1.0) include:

God's Companion 1, which is due out of Beta Spring 2006 and has its scheduled release 1.0 summer 2006.

God's Companion 2 is currently in Beta; it needs a couple more scenes and a lot of tidying of the editing prior to its scheduled release in fall of 2006.

God's Companion 3 is in alpha, there are some fully edited scenes, but the structure is still shaky and so it needs writer input as well as animation, actors and sound FX. Could do with a song too.

God's Companion 4 is in early alpha. We have a rough treatment of the story line and some art and maybe a few video shots.

By the time you read this it is likely that there will be further episodes planned. Best check the websites for each movie. Do note that any movie close to release 1.0 has its website converted to marketing, Prior to release 1.0 the website is devoted to production.


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