Thursday, June 23, 2005

Get into the movies - the virtual studio

How many of us have dreamt of starring in a movie?

The rise of the internet studio system is making this possible for readers of your magazine to become part of the movie industry.

With a computer connected to the internet they can register on-line with one of the growing internet studios, where they can watch recently filmed scenes, read the script, record their performance as an actor or sound effects maker, or singer-songwriter and upload their work so that the editor can add it to the movie.

Those of your readers who would like to try their hand at animation can select an as yet unfilmed part of the movie and animate it as part of the over-all movie production.

If your magazine would like to publish a "how to be in the movies" article our on-line studio would be pleased to explain all the details of how your readers can make the most of this fantastic development in on-line services.


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