Thursday, June 23, 2005

Internet virtual movie studio and Hollywood

As featured in the August print edition of 3DWorld magazine, the virtual studio is so much more, so much more exciting, so big a change in the way that movies are made, an earthquake under the Hollywood system, a revolution, the application of computers - potentially millions of computers that are usually idle to the creation of movies created by ad hoc groups with people coming in or leaving as they have time to be involved. Persons who always wanted to do something in the movies, but have a full time job, persons who want to make a movie but can only do a small part of the whole process, persons who would like to be employed, but can't get the break.
It is a way for students or job applicants to get a screen credit and exposure; it is a way for the artistic with a few hours a week to make a real contribution and see their work as part of an entertaining feature length film instead of a 2 minute short.
It is a way for a movie to be rendered using computer capacity available wherever it can be found instead of having to use a render farm or running a machine for years. (This aspect is one of our aims - to put together a virtual render farm that would allow us to produce quality that compares with a big budget movie.)

This is fantastic.


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