Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sign-up to the virtual studio

Each of the episodes in the series has its own website. These are normally numbered to match the episode, so that refers to episode 1 and refers to episode 4.

When a project is in early development the website is devoted to storylines, scene descriptions, models to be made and sequences to be animated - all of the details of how the movie is put together.
When the movie project has advanced the content of the website adjusts along with those advances and gradually turns into a marketing site rather than a production site.
The project is always interested in actors, animators, composers, modellers, sound FX creators, texture artists, and writers.
Treat this as a place to break into the industry, create your show-reel, or make use of spare time in a project that is part of something bigger and greater than anyone can create solo.
Whatever we have produced to date will be seen as the crude start of the fabulous work that we will create over the next 10 to 20 years.
Join the system and you can brag how you were in near the start even if you are too late to have been right at the start.

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