Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sign-up to the virtual studio

Each of the episodes in the series has its own website. These are normally numbered to match the episode, so that refers to episode 1 and refers to episode 4.

When a project is in early development the website is devoted to storylines, scene descriptions, models to be made and sequences to be animated - all of the details of how the movie is put together.
When the movie project has advanced the content of the website adjusts along with those advances and gradually turns into a marketing site rather than a production site.
The project is always interested in actors, animators, composers, modellers, sound FX creators, texture artists, and writers.
Treat this as a place to break into the industry, create your show-reel, or make use of spare time in a project that is part of something bigger and greater than anyone can create solo.
Whatever we have produced to date will be seen as the crude start of the fabulous work that we will create over the next 10 to 20 years.
Join the system and you can brag how you were in near the start even if you are too late to have been right at the start.

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Internet virtual movie studio and Hollywood

As featured in the August print edition of 3DWorld magazine, the virtual studio is so much more, so much more exciting, so big a change in the way that movies are made, an earthquake under the Hollywood system, a revolution, the application of computers - potentially millions of computers that are usually idle to the creation of movies created by ad hoc groups with people coming in or leaving as they have time to be involved. Persons who always wanted to do something in the movies, but have a full time job, persons who want to make a movie but can only do a small part of the whole process, persons who would like to be employed, but can't get the break.
It is a way for students or job applicants to get a screen credit and exposure; it is a way for the artistic with a few hours a week to make a real contribution and see their work as part of an entertaining feature length film instead of a 2 minute short.
It is a way for a movie to be rendered using computer capacity available wherever it can be found instead of having to use a render farm or running a machine for years. (This aspect is one of our aims - to put together a virtual render farm that would allow us to produce quality that compares with a big budget movie.)

This is fantastic.

Is it porn? Pornography, obscene, obsenity, sex...?

Two thousand six hundred porn searchers have downloaded scene 14 of the movie "God's Companion".

Why, is a mystery to the producers of the animated science fiction romantic comedy.

"We released early versions of most of the scenes for download so that people could see how the movie was shot and edited. For some reason a porn site has been sending people to watch scene 14," the director, Goyo de la Brisa, explains.

On June 7 seven hundred and fifty people clicked to download the scene. (The filmmakers could see that they had all come from a pornography site because the computer keeps a record of where they come from.) The next day June 8 another one and a half thousand porn seekers clicked to download the scene searching for some secret thrill.

The director and others have checked that scene, watching it several times wondering what on earth makes it of interest to pornographers, and aside from the mention of buttocks and thighs, which is hardly rude, they cannot find any rational explanation.

"If it were the next scene, scene 15 in which Hignat tries to seduce Jones I could imagine that someone might find it titillating or perhaps it would appeal in some bizarre way to some fetish, but we are completely mystified why they chose scene 14."

Get into the movies - the virtual studio

How many of us have dreamt of starring in a movie?

The rise of the internet studio system is making this possible for readers of your magazine to become part of the movie industry.

With a computer connected to the internet they can register on-line with one of the growing internet studios, where they can watch recently filmed scenes, read the script, record their performance as an actor or sound effects maker, or singer-songwriter and upload their work so that the editor can add it to the movie.

Those of your readers who would like to try their hand at animation can select an as yet unfilmed part of the movie and animate it as part of the over-all movie production.

If your magazine would like to publish a "how to be in the movies" article our on-line studio would be pleased to explain all the details of how your readers can make the most of this fantastic development in on-line services.

Google & Youtube transform movie industry

Google, Youtube and other free distributors of independent movies will transform the industry.

Already the number of daily downloads exceeds the number of persons watching theatrical cinema releases.

With 40 million video downloads a day independent filmmakers are using the internet to bypass conventional distribution methods.

Not only is the internet transforming distribution, but it is also transforming production.

The rise of the Open Source Movie Production (OSMP) system, based on software methods, has brought us "Elephant's Dream" and "God's Companion".

The former hailed as the first open source short film and the latter the first feature length open source movie.

These innovations have the potential to grow into new virtual studios to rival Pixar and Dreamworks.