Thursday, February 23, 2006

Open Source and Open Call

The actual production process is Open Source, and we operate an Open Call system.
Open Call is a conventional term used in theatre where anyone can come and audition for a part. We use that concept not just for actors but also for software model makers, graphics artists who do materials, sound effects creators, animators and even persons who have little artistic input but who have spare computer time and would like to render (film) the animations created by others.

To join the system a person goes to our (new) forum website and registers there explaining what aspect of the film production process he or she would like to be involved in. Then the person 'auditions' by posting an example of work (art, models, voice overs, etc).

If the quality of the audition is high enough and we currently need that ability in one of the projects we accept that person into the project and give access to a private resource that includes the details of each project. The team member can choose from the list of segments and make a claim on that by indicating which he or she would like to tackle.

If the finished work is accepted then it is edited into the project and the person gets a screen credit for the work.

As no movie is ever 'finished' it is always possible for a team member to put forward a new version of any scene and if it is accepted as being an improvement for the overall movie it will be edited in and a new release (upgrade) made.


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