Friday, June 23, 2006

3D World magazine reviewed Open Source - August 2006

In their extensive multi-page review of the Open Source movement, the 3D industries leading magazine made the following comments:

The God's Companion project... applies open source development to content creation.

Source: 3DWorld Magazine August 2006

Our project being the world's leading virtual on-line studio is at the front of the Open Source Movie Production movement as outlined in the magazine article:

It is this sense of accessibility for all that has helped push open-source from being a fringe internet driven phenomenon into a viable commercial alternative. "This is a big change in the way movies are made," says Goyo de la Brisa who heads up the project.
Source: 3DWorld Magazine August 2006

We are keen to be a stopping-off point for the professional talent of tomorrow, each skilled animator, actor or singer-songwriter looking back on the God's Companion series with fondness, each having honed his or her skill in...

The God's Companion project... Indie artists are finding opportunities to work on group projects that help them build reels which can in turn lead to professional jobs.

source: 3DWorld Magazine August 2006